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  • Happy Anniversary Gunawangsa Group – 14 Tahun

    Happy Anniversary Gunawangsa Group – 14 Tahun

    Gunawangsa Group, pilar kebanggaan dalam industri properti Kota Surabaya, merayakan pencapaian luar biasa mereka dalam perjalanan 14 tahun. Dengan tema “Achieving Greatness, Together”, perayaan ulang tahun ini menjadi tonggak penting dalam memperkuat ikatan seluruh aspek perusahaan. Sejak didirikan 14 tahun yang lalu, Gunawangsa Group telah menjadi simbol kualitas, layanan, dan inovasi dalam industri properti. Dari…

Ay Ling

Accounting and Finance Manager

After graduating from Accounting Major of Universitas Widya Kartika in 2005, Ay Ling had been serving as Accounting and Financial Chief in PT. Aktifitas Putra Mandiri (Metropolis Apartment) and PT. Kreatifitas Putra Mandiri (Cosmopolis Apartment) until 2009. Since Ay Ling is experienced in making decision on financial matters and providing in-depth analysis of financial situation of a company, she is trusted to serve Gunawangsa Group as Accounting and Financial Manager. She is known for her friendly personality which always manages to delight the environment around her. In Gunawangsa Group, she is in charge of asset manager who ensures the liquidity and flexibility of company’s financial structure and minimizes the cost and financial risks of company.

Martinus Suwito

Technic Consultant

Martinus Suwito is a graduate from Construction Department of Civil Engineering Faculty of Petra Christian University Surabaya and Master in Finance Department of Airlangga University, Surabaya. He had served as Project Manager in several contractor companies and developers in Surabaya until 2005. His experiences also brought him to be Management & General Manager in PT. Aktifitas Putra Mandiri, PT. Kreatifitas Putra Mandiri, and PT. Pemuda Central Investindo until 2011. In 2011, he joined Gunawangsa Group as an Engineering Consultant. He is a person with a firm personality, has ability in analyzing market, and focuses on achieving objectives to provide the best solution for the company.

Ufuk Saputra Wibowo

General Manager

As a graduate from California State University, Fullerton, CA, United States, Ufuk Saputra Wibowo is experienced in strategic planning. A decade ago, he started his career in PT. Arta Boga Cemerlang (Orang Tua group) and continued to several companies, including Maspion Group serving as General Manager of Business Control Department who handled 19 Business Units in Maspion Group. Since he joined Gunawangsa Group, he has been trusted to serve as General Manager. He is responsible for determining initial strategy and implementing all directions and strategies that have been set up by the Board of Directors moreover; he is also responsible for all the decisions of daily operational activities in Gunawangsa Group. He is known as a person who is responsible and, focuses on achieving his objectives.